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OpenEZX Images built by Michael 'Mickey' Lauer using OpenEmbedded

This is a root filesystem for the OpenEZX project.

In order to use this, you will need to prepare a TransFlash (A780) or SD/MMC (E680) card:

Next you will need a matching kernel that boots from SD/MMC/TF. Use this one.

You will need the boot_usb program from to download the kernel image to the phone RAM, and it will continue to boot right into the GUI. For your convenience, here is a x86 binary (linked against libusb, so you will need to have this on your host).

Once booting has finished, you can telnet onto the phone via usbnet. The phone has, and it expects its default gateway to live at (should be USB host computer!).

The support address for this image is the openezx-devel mailing list at lists openezx org, please do not mail me directly unless it's something personal ;)